Div 6A - Emergency


Lisa Skonetski

Date:March 24, 1988

               Lisa Skonetski
                  condition WE 3-24-88   6A

1. Promote

Keep call-in going continuously! R-Factor Jr. We must coordinate to keep
outflow occuring.
Letters out to appropriate prospects daily.

2. Change your operating basis

Confirms MUST go in standardly
Priority of outflow in standardly
Evals bridged over to reg in standardly
Evaluator to sell basic bk pkg BEFORE going to reg
Games to go in standardly
Get in smooth line with reges

3. Economize

Phone patter in standardly to eliminate chit-chat, answering questions
Put priority of time on reaching public, sell books to inquiries so they
do reach

4. Then prepare to deliver

Drill evals with Kay and handle A/G
Get lines in smooth with 6B so public get the exact service

5. Stiffen discipline

Knock off all reasonableness

FSO 01476