Lisa Skonetski

Date:March 3, 1988

I & R                                  3/3/88

                        Lisa Skonetski

1. Bypass habits or normal routines

Basically we wound up in danger by misassigning the wrong condition! In
doing this many things happened: I went into a weird think and stopped
senioring the area, we remocked everything which caused chaos on calling
people in, my junior did not have me as a terminal to itsa to on various
cycles, quotas were not assigned, people did not yet confirmed regularly
causing a 50% fall off of those scheduled.

So ... the first thing on this step is we spotted the correct conditions
we should have applied.

I put my hat back on as Senior.

I got back in comm w/ Kay as a terminal, got people confirmed

2. Handle the situation and any Danger in it -

The prospects were put back into the correct categories

I made time to 2W Comm w/ Kay

FSO 01493

                       - 2 -

on her contacts to ensure she was doing okay

I put Diane on the phones calling in out of town prospects

Kay and I got our case off the line and put our attention back on public

I came in early Web & Thurs and made calls to sched. people in

3. Assign self a Danger condition

I did this

4. Get in your own personal ethics

- my out ethics was introverting on what Kay would think of me and not
being willing to order her

I went into Kay's valence by allowing my own personal organize go out
the bottom and dramatized her confusion

I was unwilling to control the area

FSO 01495

                       - 3 -

I have since corrected this which is evidenced by the flows opening back

5. Reorganize your life so the dangerous situation is not continually
happening to you.

Get quotas assigned daily, DIRECT the area myself.

I have also gone and reorganized the calling so Kay schedules local and
Diane calls out of town folks

6. Formulate and adopt firm policy

This is that I am the Sr and I do direct and control it.

Run the area according to the condition and not personal considerations
or anything else.

FSO 01497