Lisa Skonetski

Date:February 27, 1988

                     Lisa Skonetski           2/27/88

Note: Condition which will handle area is mid way into emergency
although WE condit was normal So ...

Change your operating basis.

This was done by recognizing we are neglecting our future by not calling
OOT prospects. We re-categorized our files for on policy action per
Gradient Scale of Personnel Procurement.

In doing so we will call everyone and not pile up stacks of public.

Prepare to deliver.

Info packs will be mocked up in abundance to facilitate fast delivery of
LRH data to all public

Diane Hill to get swift with handling public on routing onto intro

Also Diane to get grooved in on calling public in to maintain outflow at
all times.

Oops - realized step 3 is Economics

FSO 01501