Lisa Skonetski

Date:February 27, 1988

              WE BP    6A   2-27-88

__ 1. Reorganize prospects to conform to Gradient scale of personnel

__ 2. Mock up bunches of info packages for our public.

__ 3. Apply "doing work" ruthlessly by handling each particle to a done

__ 4. Diane Hill grooved in on routing intro service lines

__ 5. Diane grooved in on calling new people

__ 6. Attention on conditions daily

__ 7. Get back onto 8-Cing Kay into handling public

This to be done by applying "doing work" and handling every particle to
a done (ie send letter instant not reached by phone) thus leaving
attention on more people instead of having stuck attention out on people
not reached.

Stuffen discipline/ethics

Get very strong intention in get products instead of just go thru

Handle any fails w/ Kay and push her to get people handled and scheduled

FSO 01505