Lisa Skonetski


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6A - Approved



Weekly Condition


Economize: Waste the public we are wasting our time on and waste them causatively! Cut back on chit-chat with these public and get to the point - dissem drill all the way. Contact step being dragged out too long w/ D/PCS.

Do speedy intros - not quicky - just do the standard evals and onto the reg.

Schedule so many people in that 6B has to run them through quickly.

Pay every bill - make every action count ... Get public who are hanging who have been thru intro lines back in and to the reg to sign up for service. Sort through out of town HOT prospects and call them in for services. Recruit a new person to come help handle the backlogged CF folders & letters. Make sure Kay pays her LD bill - get copy of my LD bill and get it paid

Consolidate all gains ...

Gains here being pushing public to come in the door, then once they're here, seeing to it that they are serviced well and [tagging?] with regges on any fails.

FSO 01538

Keep on reggest to sell new people book packages. Also, demand from myself & [missing] to sell books.

Keep all CI and other intentioness flat off the line. Any time a line slows the action to take is:

1) Check for any considerations or reasons why quotas cannot be met

2) Cancel them all

3) Reinstitute the truth which is it can be done, we can do it and it will be done no matter what gets in our way!

4) Cream any PR on the spot

5) Discover for yourself what caused the condition of affluence ...

Basically this was from only a few things:

Both Kay and I decide we want the products

We do whatever it takes to get people in the org for service

This week we start with the attitude that there is NOTHING that can stop us and we will make our quotas!

FSO 01540