Crime Report


Force Chamberlain

Date:March 10, 1986

--> EO                          10 Mar 86
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                        Crime Report
                       Lisa Skonetski

Around last Mon 3 Mar 86, Lisa had heavy work loads hit on her wog job
and was off post most of the days she was scheduled Mon through Thurs,
missing a couple of nites totally & coming in late the others.

She attempted to handle this the week before by CSWing to be removed
from post and having the two new expeditors be put in her place. One of
the expeditors blew from staff and the other is a day-expeditor. She did
not, apparently, check this out before she wrote the CSW.

She also said in the CSW that Benetta Slaughter would come in to help
this hat [???].

Because of these situations, I have been pulled into the area heavily to
[???] it. Because of my other

FSO 2149

duties & functions, I have not been able to successfully wear all of the
hats previously handled by Lisa. I was successful in pushing up 'NNCF's
& raw book sales last week, but not NPI which was in Danger.

So far this week Lisa was on post 1 partial afternoon Sun and totally
missed last Thurs.

There has been no other effort by her to get a replacement or help and
as a result, NSI keeps falling, raw book sales & NNCF are below where
they were last week, & I'm continually being pulled into the area to run

This falls under HCOPL 24 june 1979 CRIME ADDITIONS

                        Force Chamberlain

FSO 2151