Dev-T Report


Hasan Luszcz

Date:March 22, 1986

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Lisa Skonetski                            22 Mar 86

                     Dev-T Report
                    Lisa Skonetski

Ref HCOPL 27 Jan 69 Dev-T Summary List Vol 0 p 138 pt 6, pt 19
    HCOPL 20 Apr 69 Hat [???] Wearing
    HCOPL 1 May 65 Staff Member Reports item 3 (actions leading to WASTE
of gasoline)

Despite many 2WC cycles w/ Lisa she has since taking post of PCD
continued to submit [crossed out: approved] purchase orders for mail
list that are incomplete -> "no zip code"!

This has been a continual dev-T for me EVERY WEEK. Instead of being able
to order the mailing list on Fri and pick it up on my Monday purchase
run I have to wait until Monday (after getting zip from her over
weekend) to order. This maeks for a "SPECIAL" RUN DOWNTOWN on Tues or
Wed plus the EXTRA GASOLINE usage & time lost.

Thur. eve 20 Mar at Advisory Council during FF discussion I again 2/WC
and per that 2WC she wrote on her P.O. for mail list to "Continue last
zip" - Great! A solution. Next day (Fri 21 Mar) I called in the order
for mail list & told supplier "to continue last zip." Forty five minutes
later vendor called back and stated insufficient names left in last zip
to cover our present order - PCD's solution has become a dev-T problem.

                              This is true,
                                 Hasan Luszcz

FSO 2139