Ethics Report


Lisa Skonetski

Date:June 5, 1982

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                    Ethics Rpt
                    Lisa Boss

Lisa called me today, said she'd decided to move out from Don coz she
had her own life to live & wanted to do her Scn & didn't think she cld
get it done around Don. That maybe they'd get back later. That she
always felt better when she wasn't around him.

She was nervous abt confronting Don on it but she was going to let me ?
how it went.

FSO 2524


Want to get away from him?

Yeah, coz he doesn't care abt my well being - only cares abt $. Got to
leave him.

Don told Lisa abt telling Sandy that & he not going do that now. That he
was going to play it to the hilt.

NOTE: Don knows Ralph Hall - Congressman - he was friends w/ Don's dad.

FSO 2526