Ethics Report


James Woeltzen

Date:June 7, 1982


for her. Very 1.1.

Also she started attacking me for not wanting to give her a refund -
like here was this hostility that she'd never shown before.

I believe that all along she has had other intentions than she stated
for doing Scn. She "wanted to handle her marriage" but it's been worse
since she's been in Scn - although we were getting some glowing reports
from her.

I talked to Don for quite awhile & got him cooled off on Scn by pointing
out what she was doing. (She was also a 3P

FSO 2541


in Don's continual conflict with Lisa's mother, evidently. ) I let him ?
that she was not eligible for training here & that she would be

Don's still hot on her receiving the refund since now that she moved out
on him, she can't afford her payments & she's asking him for $ to keep
up her car payment.

Lisa is type A & C, as her husband has threatened to do a/g to smear
Scn, including going to the press, the BBB, & lawsuit.

FSO 2543



Not as smooth as anticipated - already contacted judge -

Will get refund & get divorce & get back in Scn later.

Contacted Judge Moore - supposedly got 5 lawsuits in his office against
Scn now.

Contacted Dr. Jacobs, -

FSO 2545

                         K.R.               6/8/82
                     Don Boss


Called Don, he never raised his voice, said contacted Ch 4, Ch 8 & they
[aching?] to get at that Church.

He said he'd been threatened, been to his atty & atty said a/g can hap,
said let Jim try, he thought it was a game & challenge.

Talked to Don abt Lisa - Scn & conflict was between him & Lisa - the $ &
not Scn.

Talked to him abt her experiences w/ the Church of Scn & abt Baptist

FSO 2611