Ethics Report


Lisa McPherson

Date:September 25, 1983

[first routing line illegible]

Student file cc

25 Sept 83

Lisa McPherson

The sec check required for routing off staff disclosed 6 misdemeanors & 1 error. Per HCO PL 7 March 1965 R iss III Revised 24 Oct 1975. Lisa is assigned a personal condition of emergency for 6 weeks (one wk for each of the 6 misdemeanors).

Lisa is to write up & turn in to the E.O. her condition formula each wk. While Lisa is working on this she is O.K. to study her current course. But if at any time Lisa does not turn in her write up to the E.O. this OK will be removed.

Neva Seely

E.O. Mission of Southwest

FSO 2392