I & R Form 1


Lisa Skonetski

Date:July 23, 1988

I & R FORM 1

Dept. 3 Inspection

NAME Lisa Skonetski
DATE 23 July 88


No Rpt of Stat _____

Fallen Stat __X__

Downtrend Stat _____

False Stat _____

Normal stat for post Bodys in the shop, Celeb NNCF & NNCF, x out books, celeb b in shop
Comm Basket Inspection empty
Stale Dates A couple of staledated dispatches
[check mark] State of Admin Files, Logs good
[check mark] State of Area good
[check mark] State of Any Equipment good
Product Quality [crossed out: gotten better, received -illegible-] Out of 7 people in this week, 4 started - better quality
[check mark] Backlogs none
Org Bd no
Knowledge of Hat product knowledge is good - has trouble being an exec
Knowledge of Checksheet 1st pg
Knowledge of Pack Needs to get thru esto steps. Done mini hat - Done 1st pg of check sheet in one year's time. Feels she does not need hatting for her post - feels she needs hatting on being [crossed out: hatted] an exec

FSO 1608

Out ethics on study time - was suppose to come in last Friday but did not - slept late (until 1:00 pm).

- 2 -

Knowledge of Manuals or Books Never read Dianetics or any basic books. Read some data out of a few
Knowledge of Outstanding Orders none
Attitude to Post "I love it"
Interest of Senior in Post stays in comm w/ him on a daily basis
Excuses or Explanations Advanced for Stat Situation Does not know how to apply affluence - needs to be crammed. Writes up a condition and then does something else.
Meter Check normal F/N
Physical State good - takes care of body
Case Folder Grade 4 comp
Ethics Folder stays out of ethics for the most part
Conclusion of Inspector as to WHY She does write up affluence and totally sees how that it could work and then does something else.

[signature: ] Gina Garcia

Signed Inspector

To Dept Pers Enhancement

23 July 88


Programmed for Lisa needs to complete her full hat. But, she also needs Exec Status 2. So I'll put her on Exec Status I and see if that helps. She also needs to be R-Factored.

FSO 01609

- 3 -

Comments that it is off policy not to study and she will receive ethics handlings as needed
Changes Recommended and Entered on Pers Pgm Get back into study immediately.

[signature: ] Billy Hathaway

Signed Dept of P.E.

To Dept Org Correction

24 July 1988

Investigation of Division Unable to maintain on affluence. FDSing handled on stop on maintaining AFF. Didn't (Cram Off) have her do clay as was on original cram.
Situation of this Area of Org The PCS has several outstanding crams/instructs. I can only get her to put in approximately 2 hrs per wk (10-11 Sat & Sun). Often she doesn't et that much time in.
Recommendations (Also note in Dept Org Corr Records) Qual to get her back in on VITAL DATA: Power & AFF to do clay demos on material

[signature: ] Gary Richie

Signed Dept of Org Corr

To Exec Dir (C/O or HCOES)

Actions Ordered based on above or personal Inspection HCO to liase with the PES to get Lisa through the Esto Series 16 steps. Lisa to be crammed on [crossed out: Affl] Vital Data: Power & Affluence including a clay demo of how she can apply affluence to her area and false data stripping if needed.


FSO 01610

- 4 -

[handwritten: ] Rcvd 3 Aug 88


Compliance ____________________


Signed HAS

To Exec Dir (C/O or HCO ES) _________________

To I & R Dept 3 files



Copyright (c) 1970

by L. Ron Hubbard


FSO 01611