I & R Form 1


Lisa McPherson

Date:May 31, 1987

I & R FORM 1

Dept. 3 Inspection

NAME Lisa Skonetski
DATE 31 May 87


No Rpt of Stat _____

Fallen Stat _____

Downtrend Stat __X__

False Stat _____

Normal stat for post BIS (Bodies In Shop
Comm Basket Inspection pending basket - some of out P.T.
one particle date back to January
Stale Dates one in pending backet re: state fair & book sales
State of Admin Files, Logs neat, fine
State of Area OK
State of Any Equipment fine
Product Quality good
Backlogs writing letters to contacts - people who called 1-800 but not in door yet - she's
Org Bd none in area (needs the reference)
Knowledge of Hat about 1 pg into full hate checksheet. going well - applying study tech well
Knowledge of Checksheet not good - hasn't looked thru it
Knowledge of Pack same

FSO 2100

- 2 -

Knowledge of Manuals or Books pretty good but hasn't read them (the basic books)
Knowledge of Outstanding Orders one TMO to read s/g to get stats up
Attitude to Post good - has purpose - wants to do the post
Interest of Senior in Post good - teamwork but not much time to debut - (she went to Qual today to try)
Excuses or Explanations Advanced for Stat Situation service - new people falling off the line - refunds recently - service area related, feels she need to check the guys all along the way

[written along right edge of form: ] says she's having spurts of grief over Gene being gone.
Meter Check attached
Physical State fine - great - not enough sleep but doesn't feel tired
Case Folder attested to Grade IV hasn't started NED
Ethics Folder fine - n/g major outstanding
Conclusion of Inspector as to WHY Observation: she's being her own juniors. Not establishing the DIV. Not being an exec - doing some of the sub products but there's no one to senior.

[signature: ] C L Chamberlin

Signed Inspector

To Dept Pers Enhancement



Programmed for Full Hat and Method I
Comments Has had delayed hatting due to purchasing her own auditing. Has study problem. Desperately needs M-1.

FSO 2101

- 3 -

Changes Recommended and Entered on Pers Pgm She should do M-1 before NED

[signature: ] Kathy Brod

Signed Dept of P.E.

To Dept Org Correction


Investigation of Division Observed call-out - good handlings, good gradients (i.e. new ppl - [illegible]

One person Div PCS also receptionist

NPI to Intro not all making it to Regs
Situation of this Area of Org Doesn't have effective out flow from this area - isn't being an executive
Recommendations (Also note in Dept Org Corr Records) needs hatting as an executive

8-C & drilling on this area.

[signature: ] [illegible]

Signed Dept of Org Corr

To Exec Dir (C/O or HCOES)

Actions Ordered based on above or personal Inspection
  1. get a metered debug done on her re her DIV
  2. Do Esto Ser 16 on her

DS 2 June 87


Compliance ____________________________________

FSO 2100

- 4 -

To Exec Dir (C/O or HCO ES) _________________

To I & R Dept 3 files



Copyright (c) 1970

by L. Ron Hubbard


FSO 2103