Job Endangerment


Julia Gardner

Date:December 17, 1986

E/O <--                                     17 Dec 86
Lisa Skonetski                            CC: Flag Date Fill
_______________                       CO CC NW
PCS Gardner CC Dal                    MAA CC Int

                       Lisa Skonetski
                       Job Endangerment

The post of PCS was left to me quite suddenly. The former PCS knew well
in advance that she would be leaving, but never saw to it that any form
of handling was taken to get the Dir Intro Service grooved into her
post. The Div 6-A area has been in a condition of cope for some time -
partly due to the fact the DPC is pregnant and not handling that area.

When the PCS decided to leave, she spent about 1 1/2 hours total w/ me
explaining some of the things I would be responsible for. She said I
already knew how to do most of it, so it would be no problem. I have
never at this point even been drilled on doing evals - which is a MAJOR
function of this post. One of my concerns was the hours, as I am
pregnant, also. The PCS assured me I should be out of the org by 11:30
at the latest. I then brought up ad council and she told me that had
been handle.

I have now not gotten out of the org before midnight, and am required to
attend ad council until all hours. - The fact is - I am not physically
capable of these hours.

To top all this, I have a new, temporary Dir Intro Services who was also
told some half-truth's about his post and has written this up, also.

This was very poor planning and leaves me quite desperate for help.

                              Susan Gardner

FSO 02047