Job Endangerment


Force Chamberlain

Date:February 19, 1986

--> E.O.                                    19 Feb 86
<-- PS

                       Job Endangerment Chit
                           Lisa Skonetski

Last nite at 7:00 I had no one on any public contact, 6A, post except
Roy. Lisa Cameron & Sandra Duffy were off for a pregnancy class & Lisa
Skonetski had to work late. I was expecting Melinda Watson at 7:00. She
arrived at 7:20 and said that she told Lisa S. that she had an apt at
7:00 & would be late.

I was not told this at all (the fact that M. Watson would be late).

Later that nite I noticed that no arrangements were made to type NNCF
folders as Lisa Cameron normally did this each nite. This is a dropped

Both of these occurrances caused unnecessary Dev-T and not having a 6A
terminal on post at 7:00 endangered my job as it pulled me off my post
to figure out what was going on as the replacement wasn't

                                Force Chamberlain

FSO 2161