Job Endangerment Chit


Theresa Dolaway

Date:September 26, 1985

Ethics                                      26 Sept 1985
   cc:Theresa Dolaway' file
-->cc:Lisa Skonetski's file
cc: Call-in I/C
Exec Dir


Lisa has not been reporting to post on time much of this
week. For the past two nights, she has not been in at all.
She has not made it to muster (evening) one time this past

I rely on Lisa to perform her call-in duties to help keep the
flow lines open into the mission, and to keep the public
serviced or spot and handle those that are dissatisfied (or
see that the reports are written and to the proper terminals
for handling). When those lines out to the public are cut by
her not being on post, it affects the entire mission -
especially the inflow lines.

I have been through this with her before, and I know she has
backlogs to handle at her other job, but I get tired of her
responsibilities here being treated as second in importance.
I have told her before that I wanted something worked out so
that she could get onto post here when she is supposed to,
without her having to cut back her schedule here. Not once,
though, has she offered to make up the time or handle it so
that the flow lines stayed open when she had to work late.

She does a good job on the phone and I want that to continue.




FSO 2195