Knowledge Report


Force Chamberlain

Date:January 7, 1987

[very hard to read]

MAA CC INT                                  7 Jan 87
EPF - Lisa Skonetski CC Int
PFS CC Dallas

                                            CC: ED CC 
                                            CC: EO CC Dallas
                                            CC: CO D.D
                                            CC: P/CO CC INT
                                            CC: FLAG A TAF

                      Knowledge Report
                        Lisa Skonetski

This is an update report on the problem still occuring with the
replacement cycle the former PCS CC Dallas, Lisa Skonetski did with
current PCS-FDN, Susan Gardiner.

The incomplete hat turnover is still rearing it's ugly head as the
PCS-FDN CC Dallas was found to not even know what the intro service
[???] was when I attempted to put it in last week.

About 2 weeks, ago, the PCS-FDN missed several days of work due to her
continuous sickness. This has been prevalent since she's been on staff
and it cleared up some right before the transfer occurred but is now
back. Continuous PTS handling is, as has been, occuring by this [???].

The PTS sits with her family and her current 2D regarding her pregnancy
are still there and are requiring constant handling. The former PCS told
me that the pregnancy/2D PTS sit was handled before she left for CC INT.

The situation became more complicated when the PCS-FDN got fired from
her job due to missing work time at wog job from [???] /illness).

FSO 02034


I'm constantly having to [???] a Phase I [???]. I had to change a
working installation where the former PCS did the [???] all the way
through the eval of OCA and she bridged the public to the reg TO the
current PCS-FDN now [???] is [???] up TO the eval and bridged to my PSS
OR Dir Pub Reg & to the eval PS she is not competantly hatted to do
evals. This pulls my PSS off his post and the Dir Pub Reg as well and
effected first starts and new [???] first starts as EVALUATION SCRIPT is
now not in & that was successful, new [???] as the PSS has less time to
work on those reg ints.

This has had a significant effect on the production levels of 6A & 6B.

I also found that the PCS-FDN was not sufficiently hatted OR drilled on
8C and HANDLING THE PUBLIC INDIVIDUAL which is effecting new people in.

                This is all for now,

                 Force Chamberlain
                 PLS CC Dallas

FSO 02036