Knowledge Report


Lisa Skonetski

Date:September 28, 1988




Call Sn Off

28 Sept 8 [year illegible]

Knowledge Report

Lisa Skonetski

I have not reported for post all week. There was not an approved CSW or even a CSW submitted. The last time I was here which was Monday I went to study to work on a qual program. I read full Danger handling and did not feel good about it and did not get word clearing or let the sup know I was having trouble. My "excuse" for not reporting for post has been that I have had to stay late at my office to do end of the month cycles. Even so, I did not even attempt to replace myself therefore neglecting my responsibility as a staff member. I called the ED on Thursday to let her know I was working late again but that I would wrap it up ASAP and come in that night. I also told her I would be in Friday night and start making up the time I have missed. I did not report and I did not call. I went home at 10:00 Friday night. I finished

[The remaining line and a half are illegible.]

FSO 2197

other girls at work to the [illegible] to the office for a drink. I did not call anyone at the mission to report my whereabouts. I had 3 bloody marys and three glasses of champagne and was so drunk I could hardly drive home.

I did not report my last week stats but when I figured them today they had crashed.

I realize I am grossly out ethics and I'd like some help in getting back on the right track.

This is true.

Lisa Skonetski

FSO 2199