Knowledge Report


Rick Benson

Date:October 24, 1983

Ethics - Dallas Mission

c.c. Ethics, S.M.I

Lisa McPherson, via

Lori S. (Lisa's PT roomy), via

FOLA EUS Data files

FLAG Data Files

Rick Benson

L.V. Public

Oct 24, 1983

Knowledge Report

RE: Lisa McPherson; Lori Startiz (Last name spelling?)

A few months ago, Lisa mentioned to me that Lori had been saying things to her about different staff members. Lisa didn't give me any precise data but I did get that Lori was ARC xen with one or more staff members at that time.

The important item here is that Lori got Lisa to agree to not write up any "Knowledge Reports" on her and Lisa agreed to this with Lori.

Lisa had just recently returned from FLAG and successfully comp.ed her Keeping Scientology Working courses.


Rick Benson

FSO 2357