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Lisa McPherson



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Rick B.

Lisa Mc.


Tech Sec

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Knowledge Report


Rick Benson & Lisa McPherson

Tonight after the event I talked to Lisa re: going to Flag. She was ready to go & just wanted the prices. I was about to give her the prices & she said let me tell Rick (her 2-D).

I waited a couple of minutes & then went into the hallway to get Lisa. She was gone. I asked Rick where she was & he said "she went home." (in a raised stern voice). I found Lisa in the bathroom crying. I went outside w/ her & she refused to comm. I po
inted out what I just observed, & told her there was obviously s/g being put on her lines by Rick B. She agreed. I told her she needed to go to Flag and get it handled. She agreed. I told her I wanted her to leave Tues AM. (She told me she had to let her
boss (k) & get the $.) Said she'd call me tomorrow for flight times.

Denis Martin

FSO 2414