Knowledge Report

Date:August 7, 1198

Larry Babington

Cindy Crawford, Qual Lib.

Bill Doloway, Lead C/S

Theresa Dolaway, D/ED D&E

Billy Hathaway, SSO

Cathie Hebert, Cope OFF

Kay Houser, DPC

Mike Laws, HES

Hasan Luszcz, Treas Sec

Jay Proctor, D P&M

Carl Rice, DPR

Debbie Simone, ED

[circled: ] Lisa Skonetski, PCS

Pat Taylor, Course Admin

Charles Torrance, CF/ADDO

James Townsend, Exp

Melinda Watson, President



23 July 1988


Those people listed above did not go to study this past week at all and were not excused for reasons of ethics, qual or other actions.

The study situation in the org is not on policy, but some study needs to be occurring. Especially with those who are not fully hatted on the above list. Those listed above should get with the proper terminal (SSO, HAtting Officer HFA, Ethics Officer) t

o debug their study.

Carol South


FSO 01331