Knowledge Report


Lisa Skonetski

Date:April 17, 1988



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17 Apr 88

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Knowledge Report


Lisa Skonetski

The Super-8 projector in use for showing public films makes a loud "whirring" noise that interferes with the sound on the film. It has been doing this for at least a week. This is in violation of HCL PL 11 Nov 81 Policies on Film Usage, "There is a direct link between quality of equipment and audience duplication, as covered in HCO PL 6 May 71 Audience Alertness and Tapes, OEC Vol 6, pg 226." (This referenced PL states "Org failure and bad tape playing quality go hand in hand, much more tightly locked than you'd think.")

The PL Policies on Film Usage is very exact, and the penalties on it severe:

"2. Mis-use, abuse or failure to use films properly with good quality projection equipment

FSO 01451

( 2 )

and sound is subject to fine, and in a repeating case subject to total withdrawal of films from the offending org or mission."

I asked Lisa yesterday if she'd made any progress on getting checked out on the pack of film policies. She said she had not. I know she's been informed to do this at least once since I've been back.

This is true.

[signed ] T. Dolaway

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FSO 01452