Knowledge Report


Lisa Skonetski

Date:December 14, 1988

So on 13 Dec 88 Susan was trying to cover the PCS post w/ little hatting & also hat Steve [illegible: Trower?] on the Dir Intro Services Post. That night Susan had to do an eval for someone & she wasn't even hatted on this as far as I know. I do know she wasn't sure what she was doing & that it was the first one she had ever done. I don't know if the DPC, Kay Procter, was on post or not. There is a scene here that needs to be handled immediately. Both Susan & Kay are pregnant which means in the near future both will have to be off post for a while.

Please give this K.R. some notice and handle this "Quicksilver" FAST!!


Danny Ramsey

Acad Supe

CC Dallas

FSO 02039

14 Dec 88

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Acad Supe

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Lisa Skonetsi

Knowledge Report


Div 6A (CC Dallas)

By my observation & communication with Susan Gardner - the new PCS at CC Dallas, there has been a Quicksilver in that area.

Lisa Skonetski just joined the S.O. & left for there on 13 Dec 88. Prior to this Susan was the Dir Intro Serv w/ Kay Procter on and off post as the Dir Public Contact. Kay is pregnant so is not on post full foundation hours. That was the scene with Lisa S. the PCS on a full full time staff schedule.

Now this is what occured as I see it. John Bianchi was gotten on staff on Day hours to hold the post of PCS during the day Mon-Fri. I don't know how much hatting he had. Susan was moved to PCS on Foundation. Lisa didn't spend much time hatting her maybe I hear the morning of 13 Dec 88 keeping Susan from going to work in which Susan's boss heard & cancelled this immediately.

Now, one of my students, Steve Trower, was asked to cover the Dir Intro Services post at night.

FSO 02038