Knowledge Report


Gina Garcia

Date:July 25, 1988

P.E.S.   S.S.O                       25 July
Dir. I&R

                Lisa Skonetski

     Today I did an investigation of why the
P.C.S. weekly conditions for the last 4 weeks have
been: D, D, A, D. The following data is
what I came up with and what I observed.

     Lisa does not know how to apply affluence,
she does admit that she writes the condition
up and it LOOKS great but it is only an
"admin function". After writing up affluence she
then turns around and does her own thing.
This is not true in applying emergency or
danger. She does apply them she says. She
has very little training! Has not read the
Dianetics book or any basic books - but has read
parts in them. It took her a year to get through
the first page of her checksheet on her full
hat, and she feels she does not need to
do her full hat. She has absolutely no interest
in doing her full hat. She feels like she
has product knowledge but is not a good

     She is out ethics as far as getting to study.
She has not been because of lack of time. She
started taking off from work on Fridays to
handle this problem but last Friday she slept
until 1:00 pm and did not come in.

FSO 01329

She has very little backlogs
in her area, everything seemed to be
organized. Two stale dated particles
were found in her in basket. She has
a good comm line w/ her senior - he
helps her out a lot she says. She
seems to be uptone and does state "she
loves her post".

The outpoints I see are:

1.) No discipline whatsoever on getting
to study, adhering to a study
schedule and getting hatted!

2.) Has not taken any initiative
to debut her problem with applying

3.) My opinion is she has the wrong
attitude about getting through the
PCS full hat. She needs that data
and it is simply off policy for
her not to be on study. How
does she know being fully hatted
would not help her? She needs
to get through her full hat and
then see how her stats are AND
apply every single thing she learned
from it (her full hat).

              This is true!
                    Gina Garcia
                          Dir I&R
                          CC Dallas

FSO 01330