Knowledge Report response


Lisa McPherson

Date:November 11, 1983

    Lisa McP
                                    11 Nov 83

     In regards to the Knowledge Report
submitted by Rick Benson 24 Oct 83
RE: Lisa McPherson - Katie Chamberlain
I would like to report the following:

At no time was a Chaplain's Court requested.
Rick informed me before we attended the
meeting with Katie that he felt MY out
ethics would be handled and he knew
I would probably do an O/W write up
or a condition handle.

     Rick's decision to move to Las Vegas did
help prompt my decision to join staff
as I knew I wouldn't have to move
to Vegas. Non confront on my behalf.

     Katie did not do an ethics handling.
I had expressed to her I did no want
the 2D after applying the Doubt formula
and she did not try to enforce her or
Rick's reality on me. Rick had an
extremely difficult time with my decision
in that he became irate and did a
complete turn around with me. I had
my TR's in and was confronting him
and everything he said. He told me
not to look at him, not to talk to him
and he wanted me off his lines. He
was acting very rude. He informed me
that he wanted to get back everything I
had given him and vice-versa and
he wanted me to fully re-imburse
him for all the things he has bought for
me. This included dinners, shows,
vacation, a stereo for my car (which
was purchased as part of the liability
formula he was doing at the time) and
a plane trip to Flag for my KSW.

FSO 2340

     I agreed to pay $600.00 plus the outstanding
bills left at the duplex which we
vacated (approx. $200.00). I gave Rick the
money and took care of the bills.

     We finally left. I don't recall exactly
how this cycle came about but we got
back into comm. I still had stuck
attention on the money he had
demanded as I had no way to pay
it except I had been putting in
12 hour days 6 days a week and gave
my entire overtime money to him.
Which is how I handled it.

     I had lied to RICK not Katie about
the doubt situation. The only way I saw
to get out of paying him was to agree to
the 2D and be the effect.

                    This is true

                    Lisa McPherson

FSO 2341

     In regards to the Knowledge Report sub-
mitted by Rick Benson 24 Oct 83 RE:
Lisa McPherson - Lorre Staretz (Seymour)

     If I had not given Rick precise data
(which I did not) I feel the data
submitted should be considered useless.
Lorre did have an ARC X with more
than one staff member. These matters
have since been settled and handled.

     In response to not turning in
Knowledge Reports on Lorre, I adviced
her personally that if I knew of an
out ethics situation going on with her
I would report her to ethics. Her
main item was that I not write
up anything having to do with her
considerations on different matters
and that she needed to feel I am
a safe terminal. I told her fine,
I don't feel ethics handles all
matters nor would be interested in
all considerations primarily 2D ones.
However, if upon talking I see
that she could use help from the
E.O. I would act accordingly. She was
OK on this.

     I am a KSW completion.

                    This is true
                    Lisa McPherson

FSO 2342