Knowledge Report

Date:January 15, 1989












I am writing this report to clarify knowledge reports submitted by the PES in Dec report and latest dated 7 Jan 89. 1 have submitted an earlier addition to the Dec report. I just want to set the record straight with regard to what exactly was done.

I left Dallas around 12 Dec 88. My named replacement was Susan Gardner. She had been wearing the hat of Dir Intro Services for approximately four months and did get products on that post. She was absent very seldom. In fact there were only two occasions while she worked under me that I had to call her into post. She often would come to post but would not go to her wog job. She was pregnant when I left but was fine on it. Meaning her spirits were high. She knew being unwed and pregnant was not ideal but she was happy that she had decided to follow through with the decision to have the baby. She had had some PTSness prior to me leaving. These were mainly due to her owm out ethics with regard to eating. She would not eat, take vitamins nor rest properly. I personally did several ethics handlings with her as she said Duane would not help. She also got assistance from the OES just prior to my leaving. She was ordered to go to the doctor but never got a complete diagnosis regarding her condition.

Susan was very competent in handling new public. She often would sit and talk to new public and did very well at handling them. Although she never did do any evaluations she never flinched to me at the idea of doing so.

I still have received no response from the PES as to whether or not the hat write up I did before I left was located. I typed it in the computer at the org that belonged to a new staff member. He locked the computer the night before I left and I had not yet printed it out. This had the bulk of the hat in it. I do not recall if I put data in it regarding the intro service mult. The mult specifically tells what to do. Our compliance was always available through our regular functions. If the hat write up did not give specifics, which I think it did, I would be happy to write it up and send it or telex it to the PES. In both the reports the PES sent there was mention that the evaluations were being done by 6B terminals. This I couldn't understand. I went over step by step with Susan and wrote down exactly what to do on an eval. When I learned to do evaluations I just was forced to wear the hat. I often would read verbatim from the Scientometric Testing book and get tips frnm the PES but nevertheless was still forced to wear my hat. I don't understand why Susan isn't doing the same. I also wonder if Susan has ever esto'd onto post? Another point I question is it states in the latest report that PTS handlings are being done. If standard tech is in fact being applied this should handle it.

I have received zero comm from Susan.

Before I left I told Susan her responsibility was increasing and I needed to know that she was willing to take it on. She said yes that she would. In the reports I got from the PES it sounds like (with all due respect) that there is reasonableness on his forcing the hat on Susan. Before my hat was forced on me in Dallas, the same operation was in effect where the 6B reg and the PES were doing evals. Then suddenly it stopped and I had to handle the hat. I managed to do so. It was rough but I did it eventually with little flap. My contract expired in CC Dallas in December 88. I did get a replacement for both days (who was an old Div 6er and well hatted) and Susan who held foundation hours. I wrote up the hat and the turn over was done the day I left. I had an approved CSW from the PES and the ED told me they would take care of Susan. If I need to do any additional hat write ups that were missed then I need to be notified as I have no problem in doing so. Susan has her part to do now.

This is true,

Lisa Skonetski

FSO 02031