Non-Compliance Report


Carol South

Date:September 3, 1988

[This is a copy of 5827 with a notation from Lisa at the bottom]


    FBO Gene Skonetski            Crse Admin Pat Taylor
    D/ED Theresa Dolaway            Qual Sec Gary Richie
    President Melinda Watson            Qual Lib Cindy Crawford
    DSA Ann Laws            TTC Mbr Robin Rhyne
    FR Sam Garrison            TTC Mbr Steve Decker
    PPO Paco Casales            DPC Kay Houser
    Nanny Lisa Cameron            PCS Lisa Skonetski
    Exp Ed Donahue            Exp Susan Gardner
    P&M Jay Proctor            D/HDF Shirley Burris
    CF/ADDO Charles Torrance            BCS Theresa Wyne
    Treas Sec Hasan Luszcz

                                   3 September 88

                     NON COMPLIANCE

Those listed above did not receive their hat checks for week ending 1
September 1988.


Please remove - Danny gave these to me     LS

FSO 01294