Non-Compliance Report


Carol South

Date:August 18, 1988

OES Brenda Hubert
DSA Ann Laws
PPO Paco Casales
EO Hildegard Jessup
Nanny Lisa Cameron
Exp James Townsend
Exp Cassie Craig
SP&M Jay Proctor
CF/ADDO Charles Torance
Acad Sup Danny Ramsey
Crse Admin PAt Taylor
TTC MBR Steve Decker
PCS Lisa Skonetski
DPC Kay Houser
Exp Susan Gardner
DPR Carl Rice
D/HDF Shirley Burris

                      NON COMPLIANCE      18 August 88

Those named above did not comply with order from the DH/LC for hat
checks week-ending 18 August 1988.


FSO 01310