No Report Report

Date:September 11, 1988

11 Sep 88

All Staff Listed


Dir I & R


[crossed out: ] Non Compliance

The following staff did not report to HCO regarding letters out on Sep. 10th. If you were upstat but did not report so this chit will be changed to a no report.

Dir I & R

Gina Garcia

Carol South

Cathie Hebert

Gary Richie

--> Lisa Skonetski

[xed out: ] Danny Thorton

Billy Hathaway

Jay Proctor

Stuart Cameron

Ed Donahue

Kassie Craig

Lisa Cameron

Paco Casalas

Charles Torrence

Billy Eackret

Shirley Burris

Ken Aynes

Charles Garcia

Pat Taylor

Cindy Howenstein

Larry Shelton

Ann Goodrich

Steve Decker

Cindy Crawford

Randall Whaley

Theresa Wyne

If you feel this chit has been issued on you in error, do get with Roberta to get it corrected.

Gina Garcia

[The following three notations were handwritten:]

I saw proof R.B.

Please change - I was upstat.
Lisa Skonetski


Per the order from the E.D. you must show proof of this to Roberta then it will be changed.


FSO 01282