Theresa Dolaway

Date:July 1, 1988

TO: PCS                                 1 Jul 88

FROM: DH/FR                             cc: ETHICS

                 TIME MACHINE ORDER
                      FELL OFF

                     N U D G E

You have a target on a program that was issued to you earlier and has
not been received. This target is due before Tuesday night of this week.

Program: Dn Sem & HDA Crs Impl

Target Number: OT 11

What needs to be done: When getting in new public who have not heard of
Dn & need to be gotten interested, get them thru an Intro Service ...
set a weekly quota of Intro Service completions and get this quota met.

This needs to be done as part of the birthday game. We need to 5.4X the
stats of this org and build it to the size of Saint Hill in the '60s.
EVERYONE has to help and do the actions to accomplish this. Get your
target done fast!

                          Theresa Dolaway
                          DH/FR CCDALLAS

FSO 01354