O/W Writeup


Lisa Skonetski

Date:August 4, 1989

Lisa Boss, 5-26-82

1) Question what he says is true

2) last evening

3) Don and I planned originally to go out to eat at my favorite restaurant. When I got home we were both tired and decided to take a short nap. Dinner was blown because he didn't get to the bank. We only rested a short time when Don called T.J. and just chit chat was said then Don abruptly said "OK TJ I'll be there in a few minutes." I knew by the tone SOMETHING was up. I said where are you going his response was he'd be back in 15 min. and I should stay home. AHA! I jumped at him with "Don't start that shit!!" (emphasis on shit) he became frustrated and said forget it I'll stay home, and we continued back and forth nonsense. I knew I was not in control and I told him -> we had both decided we liked getting along a lot better than fighting. He agreed. I was trying. Then I bounced back with -> it's just fishey to me that all of a sudden you have got to go to TJ's and worse I can't go with you." I hate it when I know I'm not doing the right thing but I do it anyway. And that's exactly how I felt. My wheels spun -> "Lisa, you are not going to get very far with this approach - regroup -

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Finally, I told him to go and I'd have to survive. He did and I did. He even came home when he said he would. 4) he knew.

2) after Don got home same evening

3) I suspected there were drugs at T.J.'s so the first thing I asked when he strolled thru the door was "Have you been getting high?" no he said - next question "oh, have you been smoking pot?" NO LISA! - "then what's wrongw ith your eyes?" he had worn his contact lenses longer than norm and I kenw that so he told me -> "I wore my contacts today and I didn't have any drops so my eyes are real irritated." then I looked at his arms -> "if you ahve been smoking that's okay" LISA - I DO NOT SMOKE POT 4) he knew

1. Using parents to threaten him & control him

2. Abt 7 mos ago

3. Don came to my house in a raging sort of way, pulled out a knife and began going thru the house accusing me of going with other men. I got pissed and told him I didn't have to take this - he assumed I would call the police - call the police he says - I said OK - you don't think I will. He was right - I thought of someone better to call - MOM. KILLER MOM.

He knew I was talking to her when he banged on the door, and he knew that she knew what the picture was at my house. She also said she would be standing by at her post if I did need her. In fact the last thing I said before I hung up was "I will" and I did. I called her up and said "Mom, I'm gonna need you to come on over here." She said "I'm serious" I said "I AM TOO!!" he came unglued!! and also became somewhat violent. I was only a slap across the face but the humiliation was unbearable. I even tried to provoke a better scene for KILLER MOM. He refused and hurriedly called a cab then retreated downstairs. He stood out in the parking lot a good bit while I paced the floor sobbing inside. I even walked outside a few times and made extra loud sobs to make him shake. When mom finally arrived, he disappeared for good. She was so mad, she went down to the parking lot looking with intentions of bloodshed I'm sure. I loved it.

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4) he knew

2) About two years ago

3) Mom and Don have a mutual acquaintance, Mom works at Raleigh Hills and one of Don's friends has a drinking problem - hard to imagine I know. Stories go back and forth, from Milton to Don to Mom to Don etc. I'm not sure if Milton ever confirmed w/ Don but Mom told me after Don and I had married the 1st time she would not hesitate to arrange a breaking of various bones if he ever raised a hand to me. Before RH - she was a drug counselor at a clinic and claimed to know all kinds of people who would love the opportunity to both destruct and earn money at the same time. I loved it! My protector. I'm not exactly sure when but I know I let him know in a round about fashion what the deal was with Mom. Mom has never met Don - or even seen him.

4) he knew

2) About 10 mos ago

3) I was telling Don what "mom said" "mom said she would learn to like you and all you have to do is just be good to me."

FSO 2550

"mom said she doesn't care how much money you make, until you treat me right she will never accept you."

4) he knew

2) Aug 20, 1980

3) I had just got back from Durant Okla after a very quick and informal ceremoney. I called my mom to tell her the wonderful news. Shortly after, my dad gets home and I let mom break the news (since she knows dad so well and all) she agrees to tell him and call me back. She did and she was so unreal with her story. Your father and I are so happy. As long as it's what you want and it makes you happy. By the way, your dad would like to meet Don at the bank on Wed. to switch your car into his name. Okay, I'll call you back. After telling Don he goes completely white. "I can't" he says. Why? - Don if after 4 weeks of knowing you and there is something you are not telling me, now is the time.

FSO 2551

He explains, I have no credit. I will not be able to get credit for at least five years. My face must have looked rough. I then explained how Dad was an "on time good credit" type person and had raised me to do the same. What am I gonna tell mom and dad?!? Dad will die. Don, I can't believe you didn't tell me. I'll just tell them I lied and we didn't really do it which I did.

4) he knew

2) about two years ago

3) I was leaving Don and Mom was helping me at the apt. Don must have had someone scoping the place out because shortly after the U-Haul arrives he called. What are you doing? In his sweetest voice!! Oh mom and I are just talking - emphasis on mom. Seeing that mom never before set foot in our apartment, he knows all is not well.

4) he knew

2) When we were married before about 2 years ago

3) each time I'd leave my folks house and come home, I'd cry about how they would never accept our marriage

4) he knew

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2) about a year ago

3) I had come home from my folks house all in a tizzy about the visit and of course Don gets a little concerned so I tell him my dad called him a sorry SOB and said if he ever even stepped foot on the property, he'd blow him away. And my passive, easy to get along with, kind hearted dad just doesn't say stuff like that.

4) he knew

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