O/W Writeup


Lisa Skonetski

Date:August 4, 1989

O/W, Lisa Boss 5/25/82

1. Making him guilty 2. last evening

2. Don asked Kinney over for dinner per my request - I'm the wonderful wife (W.W.) ... FIRST About 2 weeks ago. I had found a marijuana roach in Don's car and raised cane until he said it was Kinney's pot not his. It worked because I shut up. THEN: Saturday night when I got home from class, no Don. It was apparent he had cleaned up and might even have gone out on the town. I called Kinney - "no honey I haven't seen Don" later same evening I told Don I called Kinney and what K said - "Oh, he's a liar, he'd seen me, he knew where I was." Needless to say, I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into Kinney. Prior to his arrival last night Don suggested I call Linda & invite her for dinner who had beend ating K but now has stopped. Linda said she had spoken with K earlier that evening and he sounded loaded and that she knew all the guys lied for each other and she didn't approve of the drug scene so she would be easing off a bit. LATER: K arrives and the 3 of us are casually talking about this & that when yours truly pops up with "Kinney, you looked as messed

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up as a can of worms." Charming I know. He looked startled "I beg your pardon Lisa?" I turned to Don "Don't he look high to you?" K interrupted with "I don't do those things Lisa, you must be thinking of someone else." I could not stand it!! I looked at Don "Did you hear that?!? Who's lying here? I knew you were a liar K - but i never dreamed you'd be so obvious" K said "I smoke a joint from time to time but it's not a habit or anything." I said "That's okay K - I smoke on occasion also (LIE & 1/2)!!" My wonderful Don stops us with "Lisa! Why don't you just cool it?" which I did when K continued "...if y'all had a joint right now tho - I wouldn't mind getting high." Don stops K w/ -> "We don't get high Kinney!" With my tail comfortably tucked between my legs I made a wonderful exit. A minute later I realized what I had done and I really felt stupid. A minute later Don came in and said he was sorry and I also apologized for creating the scene. I sat down next to him and said "No matter how big a liar K is, it shouldn't effect me or my feelings toward you. And he will still be a liar no matter what I say or do." He agreed.

4) Don knew

2) about two weeks ago 3) Don and I were out somewhere in the car. Maybe on our way to the lake when I looked in the ashtray and there it was - a roach!!

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