O/W Writeup


Lisa Skonetski

Date:May 21, 1982

O/W's Lisa Boss

1) Question what he says is true

2) Friday 5/21/82

3) I asked Don who Kieth was or what he did. I was trying to see if Kieth delt [sic] in drugs. Don had written a check for 175.00 and I had originally asked around Tues - "What's this for?" He said "stair pans." I misunderstood him to say "surveying." I never cleared up the M.U. Instead I stewed all week in: He doesn't EVER use surveying, he must have lied. Kieth must be a junkie and Don is hiding the facts. I'll catch him off guard later and find out the REAL story. Needless to say when I later questioned about Kieth - I felt lousy. When he said "stair pans" I said "Oh, I thought you said SURVEYING" We were at lunch

4) He knew

2) Last night

3) Don't good boots and jeans that he usually "goes out" in, were in the second bedroom. (I had forgotten earlier I had agreed to stay if he would move into the other bedroom. He then took his boots and jeans out of the floor from the 1st BR & moved to the 2nd BR) We were going to bed and getting along well last night. I bombed with "Did you

FSO 2566

go out last night? He said no. Persisting: "Well what are your boots & jeans doing in the 2nd BR???" "Because Lisa, you said last night if I'd move into the other BR you'd stay and I moved my boots and jeans and never moved them back." I wanted to catch him.

4) Don knew

2) Abt a mo ago

3) I wanted to catch him. I went directly from work to his shop. He was all decked out and slightly inebriated. It was a Thursday and we needed to go get our D.L. renewed. That was my poorly hidden excuse for the surprise visit. Don couldn't go because he had a business appt in Grand Prairie. Okay, I'll go with you. No Lisa, it's just gonna be a lot of men and you don't need to go. I was determined I was going and we went back and forth until finally I gave up and left feeling defeated.

4) He knew.

2) a couple of weeks ago

3) Don had called me to come pick him up at a nearby pub. I wanted to catch him. We or should I say - I talked for a good while and he said he had to go back to the bar to take a good friend some money. I said, okay, I'll just go with you. No Lisa, you can't go.

4) Don knew

2) About a month ago

3) It rained real hard. I was at work and

FSO 2567

wanted him to come pick me up. I just wanted to get him home early. He came and ended up driving my car and I drove his car. As soon as we got home Don has got to leave again to take a guy some of his old clothes. Poor Tim, no clothes and Don is so sweet to give him his. So I said okay, I'll go with you. No Lisa, you stay home and fix dinner. I got mad and told him I wasn't stupid blah blah blah, he left anyway.

4) He knew

1) Tune him out, ignore and not acknowledge him

2) Abt a year ago

3) We were out with some friends and Don was mouthing off at how much money he was making and how he was going to build a house in Rockwall. I just acted as if he weren't even there. His bragging always used to embarass me and I'd act like I didn't know him. This particular scene occurred several times over the past year or so.

4) He knew

2) Christmas of last year

3) Some of his nieces and nephews were there at Myra's house and he read

FSO 2568

the paper almost the whole afternoon. To get him back I just sat on the opposite end of the room and put him on "ignore"

4) He knew

2) New Years Eve

3) Don was drunk and this girl was following him around - into the BR, I was furious. Instead of confronting, I simply ignored and he just payed her more attention. I left - he won.

4) He knew

1) Invalidate his friends

2) Three years ago

3) When we married the first time Kinney Kinsey the "leach" would call and come over at the most inconvenient times. He and Don built some wild sandcastles and didn't always behave in the most mature fashions. I tried to get him away from him by insisting he stay home with me and of course he'd never do taht. - BACK TO TUNING OUT

2) About a year ago I was good about just letting Don do the deciding, regardless if I was pleased about the decision or not. For instance, deciding on a restaurant. I'd make a suggestion, he'd decide elsewhere, I'd say "fine" and tune out the rest of the evening

4) He knew

2) About 3 weeks ago

3) I wanted to go to the rodeo - Don and I went

FSO 2569

how pleased I am to get such good news. And I went on about what a leech and bum he is along with a few more colorful remarks.

4) He knew

2) About 3 weeks ago

3) We were falling out over Scn and to get to Don I said some catty remark about Ted and it got all over Don.

4) He knew

2) Abt a mo ago

3) Don requested I make a loan for 3300.00 to pay Ted the bal due on the car Don drives. I flatly refused and discussed later that if Ted is such a millionaire how come all of a sudden he's gotta have this $. This Ted drives 3 auto's and according to Don, isi just extremely well off. Now why then all of a sudden does he HAVE to have this money? I also threw in the fact that Ted is SUCH a bosom buddy-- why such a demand? You just tell Mr. Ted he will have to wait for his $. [on a bracket next to this section: "At the shop."]

4) He knew

2) Abt a year ago

3) I found out that Don's friend -- Jerry

FSO 2572

Lewis, who is married, goes to the lake and fishes w/ his x-wife. Without his present wife's knowledge of the situation. That to me is an extreme overt. I tell Don (B-cos Jerry still does this). How could he possibly love Penny and still see Wanda? Well, he says, Penny doesn't like to fish, Wanda does, it's a perfectly harmless situation. I let Don know I strongly oppose the fact and don't think any more of J. L. for doing it. And that if I ever catch him doing anything of the sort, he's HAD it!! [bracketed next to this: "At the house"]

2) Abt 2 yrs ago

3) T.J. is Don't business partner - he's somewhat inactive in the business due to his other interest in Budweiser. I would tell Don how he would never get ahead w/ TJ being an alcoholic.

4) He knew

2) Pick on his age

2) About a yr ago

3) We went to a party. I was not just thrilled to be there. There were some girls I talked to who I didn't know, we chit chatted about scuptured nails and when they asked who was I there with I said Don, He's my uncle. I thought that a cute remark since they believed

FSO 2573

with Kinney and Linda to eat and by the time we finished eating and drove all the way to the rodeo, it was over. To show him, I ignored him.

4) He knew

2) Wed night

3) When Don was having his little fit I tuned him out. I pretended to ack him by cutely saying OK to all his demands but I honestly could tell you very little about what he was saying. To show him I could TAKE it, I just sat pretty - tuning him completely out.

4) He knew

2) Sometime last summer

3) At Debra's house, Don and Gary rattled about all their success and to keep from calling him a stinking liar - I ignored him.

4) He should have found out

2) About a year & 1/2 ago

3) We were eating at Mr. Catfish w/ some of his friends and he was mouthing off abt all his sandcastles. I hate that worse than anything the way he brags, so I tuned him out.

There are countless occasions over the

FSO 2570

past two years of Don making everyone believe what a successful person he is and because I knew he was a loaf and just a lot of talk, I ignored him.

No wonder he persists w/ all his stories.

It's somewhat easier to deal w/ now, I am learning to admire his work and he is less and less aggravating to listen to.

2) With my first few encounters at the mission over the past couple of weeks

3) Don will attack what I'm trying to do and to keep from being squashed, I just will tune him out.

4) He knew.


2) Over the past 6 mos or so

3) Lisa does not particularly care for Ted I will tell Don in a round about way mainly by making unnecessary sarcastic remarks.

4) He knows

2) Last week

3) Don and I had a little squabble when we went to the rodeo w/ Kinney & Linda. Kinney told Don he and Linda would not be going with us any more since we could not get along. I took full advantage of the situation and told him he could just tell Kinney

FSO 2571

me, I went over and told Don the funny story. He immediately wanted to leave - angry is a mild word compared to how he reacted.

2) abt 5 mos ago

3) Before Don and I reunited the past time he had been drinking excessively for about two months or so. I told him how old he looked. And I told him again how old he was looking, and how he really looked a lot older.

4) He knew

2) About 1 month ago

3) We were laying down to go to sleep and I popped up with "I saw an old man in the grocery store today with a young girl, they really were cute together". I meant it to be a compliment - sort of. He didn't even get close to feeling a compliment. He was outraged and began thinking up things that had happened earlier in the evening. For instance "Why did you walk so far ahead of me out of the restaurant? You are ashamed of me, I know."

FSO 2574

2) at various times over the past 3 years

3) If I'm trying to learn something I'll say something like "I know you've got A LOT more experience than me" or "You've got 16 years on me"

4) He knew

2) I would be telling Don all the bad things he does and I'd casually add "You're 39 years old, how much longer do you expect to play?"

4) He knew

#) Making less of his cause

2) Last Thur.

3) Don had "pulled a good one" the night before and went out and bought me two dresses for over $300.00. Not the least bit unhappy at the money spent I figured why not move in for jeans. The next day I called to tell him I would be going shopping for jeans and he said "We really need to wait til next week til we can get some money." I responded by saying -- well how do you think that makes me feel after you spent all that money on those dresses." "I will just take them back and we will have that money."

4) He knew

FSO 2575


2) at Christmas last year

3) Don had been a bad guy for a series of nights and to make up for it, he bought me a complete stereo system - a good one. Later the next week, his stunts began again. So I decided to "get rid of him." In doing so, I told him the stereo was a neat looking piece of furniture but it wouldn't keep me warm at night. And he could take it and you know the rest -

4) He knew

2) About a year ago

3) Don had been acting up - not coming home, that sort of thing, and to make it OK I get a new pair of NICE boots. As soon as he went back to his usual stunts - I gave - or I offered to give back the boots. Actually I angrily said "You can have your stupid boots back, too!"

4) he knew

2) Christmas last year

3) Don brought home some jewelry that was obviously "warm". Diamong earrings

FSO 2576

a necklace a couple of rings. I told him I didn't want any hot jewelry, but I appreciated the thought. He was offended to say the least.

4) He knew

2) last week

3) Don says - Oh Lisa, I'm gonna buy you this and that and you are gonna have just anything you want - I say - It's not ANY of those things I want - the only thing I want, you have never been able to understand, even WHAT it is. D: Well, what is it? L: if I tell you, that's no good, you have to see it for yourself.

4) he knew

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