Lisa Skonetski

Date:August 16, 1986


Form: I knew it was against policy and violated it anyway. I disregarded
the out-ethics of what I was doing.

Event: My pager went off. I went to Stuart and told him I had a quick
phone call to make and justified it by saying it would only take a
second and I'd be right back. I went to Qual and made the phone call and
told the person I'd have to call them back at 1:00. Then I went back to
the courseroom.


Done: I lied to Stuart and told him I was going to the bathroom when I
actually was going to return a call that was on my pager.

Time: On a Sunday afternoon [illegible]

FSO 2083


to the reg office next to Gene.

Form: I outright lied. I blew course. I violated policy.

Event: I saw my pager go off. I thought to myself I'd tell Stuart I was
going to the bathroom then went and told him that. I went back to my
pager to memorize the number. I walked out to reception and stopped at
the front desk. I saw no one was around and went into the reg office
next to Gene's and made the phone call then went back to the courseroom.

FSO 2085

I&R                             22 Aug 86

                              8 Sept 86
                              Fell Off
                              Ethics File <--
                             24 August

                Lisa Skonetski

Lisa is to finish her Staff Status II by the end of the day Sunday 24

               She asked for an extention to Sept 7th yesterday & I
granted it. She should route to you

                         Kathy Brod

FSO 2087

[???]                                  19 Aug 86 [?]

                     Job Endangerment
                      Lisa Skonetski

Lisa has endangered my job [by] making an error on her PO mailing
labels. The amount of [labels] needed for BMO was 8000. [The] cost would
have been $120.00. [The] amount she put on her PO was [???]. I could
find another $5.00 [???] Treas. so the amount of labels purchased was
only 7500. This [has] lowered the amount of out [flow] by 500 pieces.
This has endangered my job.

                          This is true