Date:January 25, 1987


--> I&R



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--> I&R

[circled: ] fell off

[circled: ]Lias Skonetsky

Sit: I would like another week extension on TMO to read & * rate Hard

Data: I have spent my own personal time to get as much done as I can on it, got 2 policies * rated in 3 hours, was quite bogged for an hour or longer Sun. nite. I have full intention of complying. I am normally here until midnite or longe
r during reg post time handling past cycles to stay in PT so the only time I have to work on it aside from that is Sun night.

Sol: Apprv/ this req

appd __[initials]___ disappd ______

This is ok,
L. Skonetski

FSO 01884