Things That Shouldn't Be


Lisa McPherson

Date:October 1, 1995

LISA MCPHERSON                                   10-1-95


Per a report I received from Jeff Litton last spring, after a
flap he had with a local Scientologist, Cathy Darby, there
were pictures confiscated by her of his. He told me that
these were nude pictures of his young (under 12 I believe)
step-daughter. He said that there was a KR written on him
implying some sort of lude [sic; lewd] child molestation which he flat
denied. He said that these were pictures of her when they
were "just playing around" completely innocent.

Per some recent occurrences with Jeff (see Knowledge Report
in either of our ethics file dated 9-29-95) something he
commented on two weeks ago raised a red flag for me. I had
gone out of town with Bennetta Slaughter on a business trip.
When we returned I got in comm with Jeff and shared with him
how our trip went. He told me about what he did too, but the
only thing that sticks out in my mind as significant is he
said, and it was very non-secquiter which is why it stuck I
think, that while Bennetta and I were away he went over and
swam with Jenna and Ashley. This is Bennetta's daughter and
Katie Chamberlain's daughter, both are 11 years old. Now Jeff
has a son, which he did not mention having been there. He
just said "did I tell you I went swimming with Jenna and
Ashley while you and Bennetta were out of town?" I said no
and noted that it seemed a bit odd that he would announce
such a thing to me. This may be something which needs to be
looked into.

This is true,


Lisa McPherson

FSO 00719