Life History


Lisa Skonetski

Date:September 24, 1988

NOTE: Extremely personal, sensitive information

This Life History contains very personal details about Lisa McPherson, including details about her sexual history and her drug use.

I have wrestled with the question of whether to include this material in the Lisa McPherson Files. After much deliberation, I have decided to include it.

A number of considerations influenced my decision. Among them:

  • This document, like other highly personal documents, is part of the public record made available under Florida law by the Clearwater Police. It was part of their investigation and should remain available to others who want to understand Lisa's life and death.
  • It provides an example of the amount of information required of Scientologists by the Church of Scientology. Scientologists answer a Life History questionnaire at various points in their involvement in Scientology, and it demands complete details of sexual, drug, psychological, medical, and family history. It is important for those involved with Scientologists to understand the amount of information given about family members and other relationships. (In other words: even if you're not a Scientologist, highly private and personal information about you could end up in Scientology files, if you know a Scientologist.)
  • It demonstrates that Church of Scientology officials had extensive information about Lisa's troubled past, including the suicides of her brother and father and the disturbing number of adults who exploited Lisa sexually while she was a minor. I have seen no evidence that the church made a proactive effort to address the effects of these combined traumas or to help Lisa to understand how they might have affected her.
  • It suggests some questions about the confidentiality of Scientology materials and the possible motivations behind Scientology officials' decisions about what material to release. I have spoken with people who have been victimized by Scientology, who have told me that Scientology spread embarassing information about them in order to make people think less of them, to discourage sympathizers from helping them. Scientology has a long, well-documented history of releasing supposedly confidential information to try to intimidate former members who have spoken out about their negative experiences. In Lisa's case, a number of documents requested by police investigators and attorneys for Lisa's estate have not been provided, yet this form and several other documents that included highly personal details were provided. Were any of the Scientology officials responsible for delivering documents motivated in any part by a desire to make Lisa look bad?

I believe this document provides important information about Lisa's life, and I feel that excluding it or substantially editing it would be a disservice to those seeking the truth about her death ... and seeking the truth is one way we can honor Lisa's memory.



SEPTEMBER 24, 1988


1. No to all questions

2. No to all questions

3. No

4. No

5. No

6. No

7. No

8. No

9. No

9a. No

10. No

11. No

11a. No

11b. No

12. No

13. No

14. No

15. No

16. No

17. Yes

18. Yes

19. No

20. Yes

21. No

22. Yes, my mother came into the org once and was strongly opposed to the idea of auditing, said past is over and should not be looked at anymore. She bought a book but never read it and has always said it was a "cult".

23.Yes. Previous husband Don Boss (1982) criminal and made several threatening calls to mission. I was never informed as to exactly what was said but I was ordered by the HAS to go immediately to the building and supply complete affidavit disclosing all his known crimes. I did so. The next time he phoned the HAS, one of his crimes was read off to him and he never contacted the mission again. One day at work for Southwestern Bell, I received a call from one of the local news stations who said they'd been notified that the church had money of mine and refused to give it back. This was during the time I'd just spent $3000.00 for my life repair. Don had asked me to refund and buy stereo equipment. I refused and knew he had put the station up to calling. I told them it was a marital dispute only, they said they weren't interested and hung up. I never heard from them again.

24. No

25. No

26. Yes

27. Yes. When I was about 14 or 15, I ran around with a girl (Sherry CXXXXX). Her brother and sister regularly sold pot and I frequented their residence. I never personally sold any but was there and knew it was going on.

28. No

29. No

30. No

31. No

32. No

33. A) Married 7 Jan 84

B) Eugene Joseph Skonetski. Ex - Donald Wesley Boss

C) No

D) N/A

E) Current: Couldn't be better. Ex - Disconnected on friendly terms

F) No

G) Spouse. Yes. Ex. No.

H) Reason: incompatible ethically. No emotional feeling about it or him

J) N/A

K) No

FSO 00891


M) N/A

N) N/A

34. Yes. In the past she has opposed scientology as well as me being a staff member. Her comments have been limited to thinking i work too hard and she has said she thinks the church gets all my money. She has asked me on three or four occasions when do I plan to get out of Scientology. My answer being probably never led her to threaten to write me out of her will. Last time I queried this she had not done so. She has never liked the idea of me being in Dianetics or Scientology. She has always believed it to be a brainwashing cult. She saw a 60 Minutes program once and said it had to be true, otherwise they couldn't have put it on T.V. This particular program was entheta towards the church. The most frequent question I ask her is what has she observed in me since being connected to the church. Her response is always very positive with regard to my overall happiness, my marriage, my disconnection to the druggie friends I once associated with whom she strongly opposed, my previous promiscuity, my upstat MEST (she has evidenced an apartment full of furniture, a new Porsche, a diamond necklace, new clothes etc.) All of which were acquired since being married to Gene and in the church. I have done O/W write ups and had change in our comm line, seeing how I have in the past created antagonism with her. I had a PTS rundown and she was addresed. I have applied good roads and fair weather with her continously since then.)

35. She does not openly say things to me however in a comm cycle with one of my old friends from high school he told me my mother told him I was involved in a "goddam cult". This was about a month ago. I explained Scientology to him and he said he knew I wouldn't be involved in a cult. I later questioned my mother about it and she denied ever saying anything.

36. Father deceased.

37. N/A

38. Mother: Fannie Bell McPherson, not Scientologist, unemployed. XXXX XXXXXXXXXX, Dallas, Tx.

Uncle: Sam D. Davis, not Scientologist, truck driver, current address unknown.

Aunt: Lee Skelton, not Scientologist, sales, Dallas, Tx.

Aunt: Dell Leibriecht, not Scientologist, housewife, Texas.

Aunt: Ann Carlson, not Scientologist, realtor, Grapevine, Tx.

39. No

40. No

41. My husband and two org staff members

42. Yes

42a. Yes, I work part time for Steven F. Craig, D.D.S.

42b. N/A.

43. No

44. No

45. Six years

46. Post replacement and hat turnover at the org and move any MEST to duty location.

47. Yes. Credit union: $4000.00 Two banks: $17,000 (approx) Three credit cards: $5000.00 (Approx)

48. To help the fourth dynamic. I saw I was needed and have ability to handle more responsibility than I am currently doing.

49. I will do all I can to push LRH policy in and put ethics in on the planet.

50. An on purpose group is all I've ever wanted to work with. In having this I can operate a my best capacity with little counter intention. A sane planet. A better future. A future period.


1. Student Hat 4 April 83

Pts/CS-I 4 April 83

PCS Mini Hat 28 Oct 84

SS I 18 Jan 86

SS II 15 Feb 66

FSO 00892

PCS Full Hat 13 Feb 87 Incomplete Started 14 Feb 87

2. Purif 21 July 82

Life Repair 16 Aug 82

Objectives 4 Mar 83

ARC S/W Jan 85

Scn DRD Jan 85

Grade 0 July 85

Grade I Aug 85

FPRD Basic List Nov 85

CCRD at Flag Feb 86

Grade II May 86

Grade III June 86

Grade IV Oct 86

PTS R/D Unsure As To When I Did This

Part III

1. 10 Feb 59 Dallas, Tx.


Dates Name Of School Location Major Study
First Thru Sixth Grade Geo. W. Truett Dallas, Tx. Grade Schol
Seven To Ninth W.W. Gaston Dallas, Tx. Jr. High
Ten To Twelve Bryan Adams Dallas, Tx. High School

3. Employment

Date Name of Company Title
1973-75 Oates Plaza Coffee Shop Waitress
1975-77 Cinderella Shoppe Sales Clerk
1977-78 United American Ins. Co. Key Punch Oper
1978-85 Southwestern Bell Tele. Co. Service Rep
1985-87 Atlantic Financial Mortgage Co. Loan Officer
Jan 87-Mar 87 CC Dallas Org Staff Only PCS
Apr 87-June 87 Bob Westover Sales
July 87-Oct 87 Rick Hull Market Research Inc. Sales
Nov 87-Mar 88 CC Dallas Org Staff Only PCS
Mar 86-Present Steven F. Craig D.D.S. ED

4. Medical History

I have had all childhood illnesses, pnumonia at 3, mumps,
measles, chicken pox later.

I got the flu from about age 13 to 18 when I moved out of my
parents house. This was roughly once a year.

I fell off my tricycle about 4 and split my chin open, went to Baylor Hospital in Dallas for stitches.

I cut my hand open about 10 and went to Baylor for stitches.

I have had headaches since about 14. I usually get them during certain times of the year. Never been able to isolate any set pattern. I am rendered fairly disabled, space collapses, equillibrium fails completely. Lasts anywhere from an hour to three, depending on whether I can go to sleep or not. Went to Dr. Bob Neuwirth D.C. last year and got adjustments which helped. He mentioned I may be hypoglocemic so I began eating before bed and that also helps. Recently they have been quite mild and I just drink something like orange juice when it wakes me then it subsides. They are only in the early morning hours anywhere from three a.m. to noon, again depending on whether I can get to sleep to relieve it. I've had int buttons checked each time (since being a Scientologist) and report to the examiner each time they occur. This is the only "illness" I've had for several years.

5. Fannie Bell Davis McPherson

XXX XXXXXXXXXX, Dallas, TX 75228

6. PT - none, previous - mother worked as a biofeedback technician at Raleigh-Hills Hospital. Prior to that she was a drug-alcohol counselor for some place in Dallas, I don't know that it had a specific name even. I do know it was affiliated somehow to Dallas Mental Health and Retardation center which treated heroin addicts

FSO 00893

with methadone.

Before my father deceased he was an insurance salesman for 27 years for Reliable Life Ins. Co.

7. My attitude towards my mother is that she is an SP. For all practical purposes I have spiritually disconnected from her. The only reason I keep any comm line with her whatsoever is to avoid creating antagonism with Scientology.

My brother committed suicide in 1973. He was involved in out-ethics personally by way of stealing miscellaneous merchandise from local neighborhoods and delivering it to an older man who would then sell them. Things such as lawn mowers, radios, etc. My father committed suicide in 1983 after suffering a stroke which forced him into retirement. He was ill for several years (14 or so) and sought out help from medical Dr.s the entire time. He was operated on at least three times and got no relief. The doctors finally told him his trouble was not physical and he should consult a psychiatrist. He was utterly appalled at the idea and completely refused. My mother tricked him into going once claiming this was a "specialist". My father left after seeing the type of tests being administered and refused to ever see a psyche. Shortly after he was ordered off Valium cold turkey by the immediate Dr. and suffered a stroke shortly thereafter. He was bedridden for approximately six months before shooting himself.

I have done a full ethics handling at Flag for this entire family sit and affidavits are on file.

As far as my mothers regards to me, she has made it clear to me that as long as I am involved with the church she will not "do" anything for me (i.e. financial help). I have always supported myself since leaving home and have never required her assistance. I feel she is not happy with me most of the time.

8. See number 7.

8. Present time friends are org staff primarily. Additionally there is:

Sandi Sampson who originally disseminated to me and got me onto the Bridge and into Scientology seven years ago. We have always remained close and are to this day. She has always encouraged me to continue up the Bridge. She has and still works for Southwestern Bell Telephone as a supervisor and manager. Our comm line has primarily consisted of sharing wins and has been great.

Lori Staretz was a friend and we did the purif together. She helped me a great deal during a 2D sit I needed to disconnect from. She lived off an inheritance and did not work the time we were friends. Our comm line consisted of Scientology and I lived with her about three months before marrying Gene. She became somewhat disaffected about the Bridge once attesting to clear at LA Day (was still DCSI then). Due to her not participating in the org or continuing up the Bridge I dissolved the comm line shortly after getting married.

I lived with a homosexual, Jim for about three months while still early in Scientology. He liked the principals of Scientology but was unwilling to convert sexually, no desire whatsoever. He never invalidated anything I did in Scn and was supportive of what I believed. I never really saw much of him as I was at the org on course a lot. We had conflicting schedules also. I haven't seen or heard from him in six or more years. He did and still works for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. as a service rep.

Bobby HXXXXX had been a friend since 8th grade. We spent a lot of time together. He was a drummer and we mostly listened to music and talked about how we never could get a 2D right. We walked home from school a lot and I would go and watch him practice his drums. We were always too close as friends we used to claim to get involved as 2D's and since we both complained about it a lot we steered clear of any sexual relations for the first ten years of our friendship (see additional data re: 2D). When I got into Scn he did an OCA and came in and got on course, fell in love with the

FSO 00894

Sup who put his ethics in ruthlessly, he got pissed and never finished the course. He never nattered or protested my involvement and saw how much it helped me. We didn't see or hear anything from each other since Jan 84 and then recently he contacted me and I went to visit. He lived in a very nice apartment, was a soccer coach for his son's team and worked at King Bearing where he'd been for several years. He now has accepted a position with another bearing co. and moved to Houston.

Janna AXXXXX and I had been friends since I was about 16. We started off working together at the Cinderella Shoppe. She found out I smoked pot and we began being pot smoking friends. Mostly what our comm line consisted of was driving around town smoking and listening to music. We frequented clubs too. I used a fake I.D. she got for me and we followed a local band. She got her mother to hire me on at Southwestern Bell when I turned 18 and then I moved in with her. We went out to clubs and danced anywhere from 2 to 6 nights a week. We were good friends but didn't get along too well when the pot was low. She has always supported my interest in Scientology as well as her mother who told Janna once she liked the fact that a Scientologist could hold up well under difficult situations. Janna got married and I moved out. She continues to get high and has recently been to a psychologist. She still works for Southwestern Bell. Her mother asked Sandi and I to see if we could get her interested in Scientology. We managed to get her to fill out an OCA but she was not at all interested. We hardly speak at all but when we do the comm is awways good and she expresses high affinity for me.

Connie SXXXXX was a friend of mine during my brother's life. She was his 2D but he was never around so she hung around with me. We were extremely close for 3 years. We spent the night at one another's house every night we could manage. She mostly spoke of Steve (my brother) and how much she cared for him. She was in college and did not work. We spent a lot of time at the pool at her apartment. She moved in with me at my parents for about three months. She was never into drugs and was ethical. After my brother's death I saw her once and we have since been out of touch.

Karla and Kellie DXXXXX were two sisters I shared equal time with. Although I knew Karla first Kellie came shortly after. We worked together at the coffee shop and spent most of our days there. Evenings were mostly at my house as my parents were less constrictive. We smoked cigarettes for the highlights and our comm lines were often filled with fights about which sister I paid the most attention to. We bowled a lot and hung out at a bowling alley as well as the movie theatre. Kellie started doing drugs, speed mostly and got Karla and I to try it. I never liked speed but I did smoke pot. We were into pot and speed for about three months and then we all decided to knock it off. It was during this time I did a drug called blue microdot which I was told was acid. I did it about 12 times and the feeling was mostly numb and it kept us awake for 36 hours at a time. Once I hallucinated for about 3 seconds when I saw the wall melting. Kellie got married and we saw each other on occasion. Karla got married and I've seen her once. Both know I am in Scientology and we don't stay in comm at all.

Sherry CXXXXX was also a waitress and we became friends about the same time I was running with the DXXXXX girls. Sherry stayed at my house a lot and we smoked a lot of pot together. Her brother and sister awways got it for her and I kept on her comm line for mainly this reason. I mostly felt sorry for her because no one much had anything to do with her and she liked me. Our comm line broke when she got pregnant by one of my former 2D's and married him. I never resumed the line.

Carol KXXXXX was a school friend and we were on the drill team together. I was closest to her in school. She had good grades and sung like a bird. We talked about everything from God to past

FSO 00895

lives. There wasn't much we didn't talk about. We sung a lot together just walking around and we went to the store a lot, this was a big thing before cars, walking to the store. We had a spell of getting in our mom's Valium around 11 or 12 and did that for a month or so. She was with me when my brother died and having lost a brother herself knew how it felt. We were inseparable until she got pregnant in high school and married and moved to austin. She has been to visit me since I've been in the church and she was glad to see I was doing well. We generally still try to see each other holidays but it has been about three years since we have.

Lisa BXXXXX was a girl who lived across the street and we learned to smoke cigarettes together. She also introduced me to pot. We spent the night at each other's house a lot and played records and spoke of her boyfriends and her sister's boyfriends. I idolized her mostly and anything that she said was the gospel. We made a lot of trips to the store and covertly smoked cigarettes behind our parents. I haven't seen or heard from her in 12 or more years.

10. My earliest sexual experience was with Lisa BXXXXX's younger brother Manuel. I invited him to my house once and made him feel my breasts until he blew from embarrassment. I was 10 or 11.

When I was thirteen I had a crush on by brother's best friend Gary WXXXXX. He became interested in me too and called me a lot. One day when Steve was gone, Gary got me in my bedroom and convinced me to let him "go all the way" I did and we did a total of eight times at my house or his house when our parents were gone.

After that I was very promiscuous and I do not recall exact chronological order but l'll do the best I can.

Jimmy PXXXXX was someone I met while friends with Connie and we had not seen each other for a few years. I ran into him when I was about 16 at a club he was working at. He got my number and called to see me. I went over to his apartment and we had sex. He called many times over several years and the set was always the same, he sent for me, I went to his apartment, we had sex and I'd leave. Each time he called, I knew it was for sex, I always went. We never did anything wierd although he "educated" me on the skills of giving oral sex. It was always to and for him. He would call me when I lived with Janna and come over and we'd have sex and he'd leave. I saw him no matter who I was "committed" to. I saw him when I was engaged and later when I was married to Don Boss. He notified me once that I had given him V.D., I went and got treated, two weeks later he called to say it wasn't V.D. at all. The last time I saw him was while he was married and I worked for the phone co. He took me to lunch and we went to a park where I gave him head and he took me back. The next day his wife called me at work and said one of his co-workers had overheard a phone conversation we had and she knew we had been together. I denied it. He and I haven't been together since. This was about 1960.

I was engaged at 15 to Jeff RXXXXX who was 2 years older than me and we went to school together. We had a lot of sex. He would come over and we went to my room, my parents never once interrupted us. We usually had sex at my house. He often would pull the car over and we would do it in the back seat or behind a shrub somewhere. He went away to Alaska in the coast guard and we remained engaged but I continued sex with others.

Carlos OXXXXX was a mailman who frequented the coffee shop I worked at. He began calling me and we began dating. He was 31 and went to college. My mother very much approved of him so I saw him whenever I wanted. We dated about six months. During this time he took me to his apartment on several occasions and we'd have sex. It was always straight, no strange stuff at all.

Shortly after my brother deceased and I was spending a lot of time at Carol KXXXXX's I met one of her brother's friends, Ricky XXXXX. Carol was always head over heals about him and he started

FSO 00896

calling me. Once we were both over at Carol's and he was in her brother's bedroom and coaxed me in. I went and we had sex. It was horribly painful and only lasted a short while. But he called me at least once a week for a few months and I'd go over to his apartment where we'd have sex. It was very similar to the set up I had with Jimmy but only lasted a few months. He moved away and I didn't hear from him anymore.

Randy WXXXXX was during Connie and my friendship. I was 12 or so when I'd be at the pool with Connie he would do show off stuff on the diving board. When we got the comm line in he began making sexual advances on me. I never protested until he wanted it all. I never allowed it although I let him feel where ever else he wanted to. It was mainly a petting game. He went to jail for robbery and moved away.

Gus PXXXXX was one of my brother's friends but I met him through Connie. We met at a party one night and I slept with him. We had intercourse once and I never saw him again. I was 14 or so.

Ricky WXXXXX was around during Karla and Kellie, he was a neighbor of theirs and had been Kellie's boyfriend all through grade school. We got together at my house one night when several other friends were over and stayed up all night staring at each other. From that time on we started seeing each other. We sat at my house and drank beer mostly. We drove around a lot. When we first had sex it was at my house when my parents were in Hawaii. It was his first time and our relationship was very good. Rick was prior to Jeff. We met a lot at his house for sex. It was always straight and when we broke up it was with no upset whatsoever.

While Rick and I were together I became good friends with his best friend Cookie KXXXXX. Cookie used to go most everywhere with Rick and I and he had a motorcycle. He would come over to see me on occasion and we had a great comm line. He kissed me a few times and expressed interest in me but it never went anywhere.

Ben SXXXXX was a jr high sweetheart. We would make out for hours at my house in my room. We never had sex but we kissed a lot. He ran off with another classmate and I never saw him again.

Mike MXXXXX was a friend of my brothers and he and I ran around together a lot after Steve died. We were running buddies for the most part except once when we had done some speed and were at his house. We decided to have sex just for the heck of it. He had a rough time getting an erection and the embarrassment kept us both from doing it again. I was probably about 15 or 16 then.

When I was working at the coffee shop I got in a comm line with one of the older waitresses Laura, she was married and had a son about 2. She asked me to baby sit for her. I was about 14. The first time her husband saw me I knew he had designs on me and when they got home he took me home, complaining about what a bitch she was and how he liked me a lot because he could talk to me. He took my number and called me often. Our conversations got more and more intimate and I knew what he was leading up to. I baby sat for them several times. Each time he took me home. The second time on he would kiss me passionately upon departure. Once he called me and I met him at the local airport. I was on bicycle. We made out in his front seat of his truck and he layed me in the front seat. That was the only time we did that. It was rotten. The next time I saw him was at an apartment pool I was babysitting at for someone else. Another guy who was interested in me was there also and was having a fit that I had met Russell there. Grady was the other guy. He knew Kellie who knew Russell's wife Laura because we all worked together at the coffee shop. Grady called Kellie that night complaining to her about what I was up to. Kellie figured it out no problem who I was with. She told Laura. Laura confronted me and scared the death into me because she knew I had been with her husband. That was the last married man I saw.

Jimmy PXXXXX had a roommate, I forget his name. I called one day

FSO 00897

for Jimmy, actually I popped over to see him. I was about 17. The roommate invited me in, we smoked a joint, he coaxed me up to his bedroom and we had sex. This happened four or five times. Jimmy never found out. Never anything kinky.

Rob EXXXXX was part owner of a restaurant, Circle Grill. I went in for coffee once and he followed me outside. He got my phone number and called to see me. We went to eat and to his house at the lake. The first night we had sex. He too got to where he'd just call to see me, we'd go eat, then to his house for sex then I'd go home. No questions ever, no expectations. I was with him off and on for about 4 months. I was about 16. Nothing perverted.

Malcolm PXXXXX was the sound man for Bobby Halstead's band. Bobby took me over to his house once to meet him. I fell in love. Malcolm began calling me and the first time we were alone together we had sex. We never did anything perverted. I was about 16 and would spend the night with him anytime I could usually when my parents were out of town. We had a purely sexual relationship for about 6 months. He would call, I would go over we would watch T.V. or listen to the stereo then go to bed. Never any strings.

Now there came a period in time where I get involved with several of these guys all at same time interval yet separately. I was engaged to Jeff. I was seeing Jimmy PXXXXX on request, Malcolm on request, Rob on request, Carlos by choice. For about two weeks I saw them all, every night someone different. None knew of the others. Jeff even came home on leave in the midst of this simultaneous rendevoux. We had sex. I had been off birth control for two months per Jeff's request because he wanted a baby. I got pregnant and no clue who to suspect. My mother found out and borrowed the money and demanded an abortion. I never told any of the guys except Jimmy once out of spite. I told him I aborted his baby and he had a fit. Later I told him I really wasn't sure.

When I was seventeen and eighteen before I married the first time which was the time Janna and I were hitting the bars every night, I had numerous one night stands. Probably 10 and I couldn't begin to recall names. Tommy was a guy I slept with out of spite once. There was another guy who claimed to be in town on a tennis tournament and he took me to a mansion and we had sex on the couch. Ronnie RXXXXX was again one of my brother's buddies from school who I'd not seen for several years. We went with Janna and her boyfriend on the lake once and spent the night. He and I had sex once. Then I slept with on another occasion with another one of my brother's chums from high school. Again a one night, his name was Terry. Janna knew the same people my brother did in high school. I went home with some guy I danced with one night. We had sex and he never called again. I ran into one of my old high school crushes once and we slept together about 5 times.

I met Don Boss when I was 19, he was the uncle to my hairdresser, Myra. She took me to his house once and he had instant out 2D flows. I vowed to myself not to get involved, he was 35. He got my number and called me everyday three times a day until I finally agreed to go out with him. On the third date we had sex. We saw each other for four weeks and then we decided to get married. He insisted on having sex with me everyday when ever we got together. Before and after we married no matter where we were he invariably would walk me into the bathroom and there I'd sit on the sink and he'd commence intercourse. No matter who's house we were at. I was never protesting either. Don was the first person to ever attempt anal sex with me. He was successful on about ten counts. He went through a period too of using objects inside my vagina. Once it was a gord. Once a handle of a hairbrush. Then he wanted to put the gord in my anus. I only let him do this once.

He frequented bars and striptease without me often. I divorced him 9 weeks later.

Steve was a service rep at the phone company. We got in a comm line and began going to his house for lunch everyday. He asked me

FSO 00898

out and we went to some bar. We went to his house afterwards and had sex. I was about 20. We never committed, just would call on a whim and have sex if we could both get together. I saw him for about 4 months. He got tired of me going back to Don which I did anytime he called. Steve and I slept together about 15 times.

I joined a dance club and met some new people. One of the guys, Ernie BXXXXX asked me out and we would go dance. We dated about a month. He was older I knew but unsure by how much. We had about 5 dates before he tried anything on me. I slept with him once. Don found out I'd been dating Ernie and informed me Ernie was over 50. I terminated that.

Tom AXXXXX was a geologist who lived at my apartments when I was between 20-21. He flowed me tons of admiration and asked me out a lot. I never would go. Then one New Years Eve I had no one else to call and I called Tom. He was thrilled to be with me. That night we stayed up very late talking, I spent the night and we had sex. We started seeing each other only about a month when he moved to Tyler. We probably had sex about 6 times total.

Phil SXXXXX this was a guy who was introduced to me as a blind date. We had dinner and he liked me a lot. He came from an extremely sane family and his ethics were quite high. We dated three or four times before we had sex. He would only have sex with me on occasion. We did a lot more than sex. He took me to great restaurants, introduced me to all his family and friends, took me on trips with him, he really liked creating more than just in the sack. I fell head over heals and ran a mad must have on hlm. I'd never been with anyone who liked anything better than sex. This guy liked me!! But, I got drunk one night and went bellowing over to his apartment about how much I loved him and he never called again. When I queried the sudden break in comm, he simply said he'd realigned his priorities in life and that he had to start planning for his future, with the way he'd been all wrapped ud in me he'd neglected other important things. No hard feelings, he said things had just changed with respect to priority. I got the message. I felt after this I'd just blown any chance to have a real 2D.

Don Boss came actually after Phil.

After I divorced Don the second time in 1982, we had continued to see each other for two years and I was usually only interested in being with him, it was after that relationshio I got into Scientology. I was on a constant "hunt" for the correct 2D. I had 2D flows stuck out everywhere. In October of 1982 I hooked up with Scientologist Rick Benson. We got together at a Halloween party at the church. We went to eat or something, he called me another day and came over to the place I was living. It was about the second time I'd gone out with him. We had sex and we began a serious 2D. We lived there together for about 90 days and then got a place of our own. My honest original postulate on this person was to "make his life miserable". This came after he initially totally ignored me and I got the idea he was a womanizer and I just decided one day while on course that is the way it would be. That was two months prior to us getting together and I'd totally not-ised what I'd postulated. We were together a span of about 6 months. Sex was regular. I also attended dance lessons without him, had 2D flows for my instructor, told Rick about it, his misery started. My only intention being to make him miserable when I saw it of course wanted to end the 2D. So I did. He moved to Las Vegas.

Right after Rick I met a guy at a bar, his name I don't recall. He was a typical wog. We danced and I brought him home with me. We had sex that night. We started seeing each other and that lasted about 2 weeks. I cognited I was going nowhere fast with the current 2D scene and abruptly ended that one.

The next night I had coffee with Gene Skonetsky. We talked for four hours and decided to get married. My out 2D ceased and has

FSO 00899

never happened again. We have been married almost 5 years. Our sex is very normal and has never been perverted.

11. I used to play with a little girl in the neighborhood. I'd insist she play sexual games with me, making her rub my body in sexual areas while I mocked up the scene. I did this 10 or 15 times. I was 6 maybe 7. Carol KXXXXX and I felt each others boobs once while spending the night at her house. We confessed we'd never make good homosexuals and dropped it at that. When I was 8 or 9 I would spend the night with my cousins who were two girls and make them take turns rubbing my boobs and crotch. I did this 5 or 10 times. They quit inviting me over. There was a little girl who was the daughter to my parents friends. When I was 8 or so I'd spend the night with her and convince her to play sexual games with me where she always would have to rub my boobs and crotch. This happened 5 or 10 times.

12. My interests are music and theatre. Although I have never pursued the theatre I have always been drawn to that art. I was in Drama in high school and loved it. Since being on staff my interest has been mainly focused on helping. I've not any hobbies.

13. I was on the jr. high drill team in Dallas. I loved it. It's main function was to perform for the audience.


B. None

C. None

D. None

E. None

F. None

G. None

15. No

16. No

Part IV

1. Sandi Sampson was a fellow employee at the phone company. She used to help me a lot, she was a great example for Scientology. I was having 2D trouble a lot and one day while at lunch she did a demo on the reactive mind. I somehow cogged that if I could get into Scientology, I could shake loose from Don Boss. This was about Jan of 82 at a nearby restaurant.

2. My original reason was to somehow get loose from the criminal psychotic I was connected to, that was my original postulate. I don' t know why I just knew something about Scientology could save me from the mess I was in. When I got some data on the intro I did, I began to see how I knew some of this stuff already. Sandi frequently told me it was "tools to improve your life by". I knew I definitely wanted that. The further I got from Don, the more just wanted to keep improving myself.

3. I first joined staff in Dallas when it was a mission in 1983. My original reason was to help, Janie who was the PES was recruited for the S.O. and needed a replacement. I agreed to do it.

4. None

5. CC Dallas, contract up 3 Dec 88.

6. Expeditor

Street bookseller for 6 months.

Tech call-in for about a year

Public Contact Sec for about 34 months.

FSO 00900


Date Drug Approx # of Times
Jan 1965 Penicillin 20
Jan 1966 Penicillin 20
Sept 71 Valium 20
Oct 1973 Tranquilizer 5 (Wisdom Teeth Extraction)
May 1974 Speed 10
June 74 Blue Microdot 12
Sept 76 Qualude 3
May 76 Cocaine 3
1973-1981 Pot

2. Debt is about 30,000.

[handwritten:] See additional write up attached --->

Part VI

1. I live with my husband and two org staff. My schedule is going to work for Steve Craig until 4 or 5 pm, come to the org, eat, on post til 12 or 12:30 am, home to bed. Saturdays and Sundays are spent at the org until 8 or 9pm and then Gene and I will usually go out to eat or to a movie or stay home and watch TV. Although the past two weeks I haven't watched T.V. for more that three times. Leisure time is usually spent with Gene and we eat out or the movie. Sometimes we drive to see his parents out of town.

2. I attest that the data is true and correct.

[signature:] Lisa Skonetski

FSO 00901