untitled report


Brenda Hubert

Date:May 16, 1994

AO MAA [illegible]  <-----
Lisa McPherson
Brenda Hubert

Lisa has been having difficulty
in the area of the 2D for
many years. She has a track
of pulling in a 2D terminal
and then absolutely abandoning
all responsibilities on her other
dynamics as a result of the
connection. She then crashes
other dynamics (esp. 1st & 3rd)
and gets into trouble.
The 2D never seems to
work out and she ultimately
leaves the relationship.

Since moving to Clearwater
she has been wanting to
create a 2D relationship and
has had reach to clean up
this area.

She has never done a 1st
dynamic admin scale and
that seemed to be a good
starting place as she came
up the lower conditions
on the 2nd dynamic.

She completed that and
is now doing a 2D admin
scale as well.

FSO 00770