Re: Lisa Skonetski Appointment


Christian, Int Fin Ethics Off

Date:September 29, 1988


29 Sept 1988



Dear Herbert,

I reviewed this CSW and have a few points on it:

1) She has hell of a lot of debts and needs to pay $750.00 per months to handle them and somewhow stay afloat. Her husband is supposed to handle them as it looks.

I dont know how real this work out is or if these debts will pull them out of the SO or staff.

At the same time, it looks like they have a new Porsche, diamond neckless, etc. Don't they have enough assets to simply HANDLE the debts? That would be the solution. Their own personal finances/FP seems to be off-source and squirrel.

This needs more throughly dig in and data.

2) I need to know when she came on pcs as PCS CC DALLAS. This was not clear on the stats in the CSW.

3) Can she study or not? I need to know. This falls under the qual point of good training record.

4) This scene with her having taken LSD [circled and starred] or not is real messy and I am far from convinced she did not. Not only that, she lied to SO
members about it for several years which is simply out-ethics and dishonest.

She should get a sec check to verify if she is clean in this area or not.

She also says in her life history that she took Blue Microdot. What is this drug exactly? Is this an LSD or Angeldust derivate? Get all data as I haven't 1got a clue.

Much Love,



FSO 00955