Letter from Lisa to Debi Cook

Date:October 21, 1995

October 21, 1995

Debi Cook

Church of Scientology

210 S Fort Harrison

Clearwater, Fl 34616

Dear Mr. Cook,

This letter is late! The truth of the matter is that I have a stack of "thank you" letters that have been growing on my desk to people (your staff) who I have wanted to acknowledge for their help over this past year during my journey through the "black hole". I'm sure you have seen many people struggle as they move up the bridge. What I experienced was the worst struggle I have ever encountered this lifteime (and I grew up in a pretty rambunctious neighborhood). THANK GOODNESS I WAS NOT ALONE IN THIS STRUGGLE AT FLAG. I was surrounded by your incredible staff. There are not adequate modifiers to describe the love, care, competence and encouragement I received while I was there. There were some who were closer to me than others, providing me with constant service and relentless care. I tried to name them in order to send "thank you" notes but I feared I would unintentionally leave someone out and I did not want to take that chance. There were people who were propping me up all over the base, day after day, some whom I'd never personally spoken to but when I would see them I would feel their care and attention for me. It is because of the group that exists at Flag, and how very close you work together as a team that helped to pull me through. This letter is extended to each and every staff member THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING TO SAVE MY LIFE! I want you all to know that I am in Power on personal wins. Every day my life is richer and more enhanced and so much fun I can hardly contain myself. I know one thing from all this that will protect me and keep me from the black hole again: If we only DO JUST EXACTLY what LRH has written and NOTHING ELSE it will all come out all right. Being a professional Scientologist carries a huge responsibility as all staff posts do. I intend to do all I an to help clear this planet. Thank you for contributing to me and for pushing me through to a done. I will do this with others now I promise you!



Lisa McPherson

FSO 00006