Knowledge Report


James Woeltzen

Date:June 8, 1982

                         K.R.               6/8/82
                     Don Boss


Called Don, he never raised his voice, said contacted Ch 4, Ch 8 & they
[aching?] to get at that Church.

He said he'd been threatened, been to his atty & atty said a/g can hap,
said let Jim try, he thought it was a game & challenge.

Talked to Don abt Lisa - Scn & conflict was between him & Lisa - the $ &
not Scn.

Talked to him abt her experiences w/ the Church of Scn & abt Baptist

FSO 2611


Contacted him at his R level abt [crossed out "the"] God - the Baptist
Church - Scn.

Sandy said Jim doesn't want to do a/g to you - he just doesn't want the
Church attacked.

Don said he just wants teh Church attacked - it's a game to him.

Sandy said why, why spend time?

Don said to get $ back -

Sandy said what cld she do to help -

2WC abt how they cld resolve the sit.

Don said if Sandy cld get $ back & pay off loan then he'd stop attacks

FSO 2613


Don said he'd go w/ Lisa telling him that she wanted to do Scn & sign
divorce papers releasing him & he'd put ad in paper saying he wasn't
resp for her loan.

FSO 2615