Letter from Robin with Lisa's reply


Robin, Lisa McPherson

Date:January 20, 1994


10500 Steppington Drive Suite #100 Dallas, Texas 75230-4550 (214) 691-4821

20 Jan 94

Dear Lisa,

Have you run out of LRH tapes to listen to yet?

[in Lisa's handwriting:] Nope, haven't even started!

I'm sure you're pretty close to out anyway so I'll enclose some promo for more.

[in Lisa's handwriting:] THANKS!!

How goes the quest for a place to C & W dance? Any luck?

[in Lisa's handwriting:] Notta - it sucks down here in regard to this.

Seen any old faces around there yet?

[in Lisa's handwriting:] Charles Boykin

It's dismal and dreary weatherwise but otherwise things

FSO 2801

are actually pretty OK.

Oh yeah, Marian Lark has joined staff, she's in TTC!

[in Lisa's handwriting:] WOW Go Marian!!

Be sure to tell Cindy.

[in Lisa's handwriting:] Okay!

Are you getting any auditing yet?

[in Lisa's handwriting:] Yes

I hope so. I can hardly wait to hear of your movements on up to OT!

If there's anybody who needs "hi" said to them, please do so for me.

[in Lisa's handwriting:] OK



P.S. Have you gotten a post on the AMC fishing boat yet?!

[in Lisa's handwriting:] Not finished paying my dues yet!

FSO 2802